Everything is ready for Athens Marathon, on November 13th & 14th

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Scholars of history have not reached a definite conclusion as to who that messenger was. Thersippos, Efklis and Filippidis / Feidippidis are the dominant names that “claim” the leading role in this historical event.

In any case, that legendary run that was achieved about 2,500 years ago formed the basis for the introduction of Marathon in the Olympic program in 1896, as suggested by Professor Michel Bréal, a friend of Pierre de Coubertin.

This year’s Athens Marathon will take place on November 13th and 14th. The races in which the runners will take part are the Marathon, the Power Walking, the 10 km Road Race and the 5 km Road Race.

Impeccable hospitality at Y Hotel

Y Hotel is ready to host athletes who will participate in the Marathon, guests of the event, as well as anyone who wishes to visit Athens in order to spectate the races.

In Kifissia, the most aristocratic suburb of Athens, our hotel offers a high level of hospitality and a variety of services designed to provide the maximum level of comfort. For the needs of the athletes, the breakfast will be specially prepared with healthy and nutritious options.

For bookings and more information, please call (+30) 210 801 8495.