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The Y Hotel featuring on Pierre Blake's blog

27-03-2017 20:20:30

Δυνατότητα Παροχής Tablet!

27-03-2017 19:48:10

Booking.com Guest Review Awards

03-03-2017 18:17:05

Φέτος, η καρδιά των Χριστουγέννων «χτυπά» στην Κηφισιά.

03-12-2016 11:22:40


27-11-2016 10:50:23

The Y Hotel presented on Fortunegreece.com!

17-07-2015 15:19:14

2015 Certificate of Excellence

14-07-2015 09:10:12

The Y hotel is recognized by TripAdvisor with a 2013 Certificate of Excellence!

23-05-2013 14:05:06

The Fashion Room Service at The Y Hotel was successfully held

06-02-2013 11:01:33

The Fashion Room Service at The Y Hotel

28-01-2013 14:04:23